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Meridian's highly experienced leadership team averages more than 23 years of commercial real estate experience:

Ralph Herzka

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Herzka founded Meridian in 1991, and has served as its Chief Executive Officer since its formation. He is the guiding force behind our firm's growth and success, and has set standards nationally for expertise, vision and reputation in commercial real estate finance.

Mr. Herzka has 30 years' experience in real estate advisory work, and has personally negotiated more than $75 billion in real estate financing transactions. Over his career, Mr. Herzka has developed deep and lasting relationships with a broad array of lenders, including banks, agency lenders, life companies and conduit lenders. He has built multigenerational relationships with many of the country's most sophisticated and active real estate owners and operators. Mr. Herzka's stature has been consistently recognized by local and national media, including by the Mortgage Observer in March 2014 as number six on the “50 Most Important People In Commercial Real Estate Finance.”

In addition to Meridian, Mr. Herzka was a co-founder of Beech Street Capital, LLC, a mortgage banking firm and Fannie Mae DUS® lender, Freddie Mac Program Plus® Seller Servicer and MAP-approved FHA lender that was sold to Capital One in 2013. He was also a founder of Ladder Capital, a commercial real estate lender and CMBS originator.

Aaron Birnbaum

Executive Vice President

Mr. Birnbaum is a cofounder of Meridian and an Executive Vice President. He is responsible for managing the firm's commercial, conduit and structured finance platforms. Under his stewardship, Meridian has financed more than $35 billion in commercial transactions across the country. Mr. Birnbaum also assumes a direct leadership role in managing relationships with a broad array of conduit and construction lenders, as well as multifamily and commercial property owners.

Avi Weinstock

Executive Vice President

Mr. Weinstock joined Meridian in 1992, shortly after its formation, and serves as an Executive Vice President. Mr. Weinstock's responsibilities include managing Meridian's national team of multifamily mortgage finance advisors, loan underwriters and processors. In addition to having oversight authority of the Company's multifamily placement operations, Mr. Weinstock is responsible for day-to-day management of the firm's relationships with its most active lenders. Mr. Weinstock also personally manages many of the firm's largest proprietary client relationships.

Jeff Weinberg

Executive Vice President

Mr. Weinberg is a cofounder and Executive Vice President of the Company, specializing in the facilitation of New York multifamily lending transactions. He manages a team of skilled mortgage finance professionals, and is actively involved on behalf of Meridian in the development of many key client and lender relationships.